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Mainframe 2002

Uploaded Image: mainframe.jpg

Wheee!! writing live from mainframe, things are looking great! A nice chillout zone. Demoshows running 24h! Arr?

17:27 (27'th of april 2002) Finnaly the demo contribution "Tinitus i mina ögon" by THC have been uploaded and nomore stress.. on saturday the 28'th the demo was first shown to the public. and the crowd demanded a sencond place for the production.. not bad i say...
Download the release from the THC page.

The party is over but somewhere I feel that the party feeling will continue for a long time..

Got pictures from mainframe 2002? please upload or link them here -> Mainframe2002 Press

mainframe2002_results.txt @Some links to the releases can be found on

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