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Make a wish!

only one only me

love me more

giv me more wish

I wish, too, that I would wake up and be a girl instead of a boy like I am.

I wish I was a girl who had everything I need to be a girl and my family always thought that i was a girl

I wish I could get my hands on a Speak and Spell machine, or any kids toys that talk, bleep, play tunes, or make some kind of noise...
- Dach

Wish I knew where you were...

I wish I didn't have to sit at work all fucking summer!

Mer Pirog och den Dverg!

I wish I had a girl with a phone, I would call her.

iwish i were single

i wish i had a sexy girl to fuck :D

I wish I didn't have to work every weekend from here to eternity - which apparently is in July 2004.

free girl webcam



MrsCarrot wishes that someone changes the pages title to "Din fascha äter sås" - Granted! @mainpage title changed 16 April 2002 2:13:02 pm by ... sorry title changed to KÅÅÅRV by 18 April 2002 12:03:35 am.

Next wish please?

I wish i was a little bit taller...

I whish I was a midget..

I whish I could spell "wish" right too.

I wisch a flasch of wischyvatten - (för katten?)

wish shwish kebab!


jahaja så ni har lagt ut en sida på mitt internet ?

I wish little elves would come along in the night and complete all the code on my ToDo list

That all the assholes could hang themselves. (hmm.. tricky .. be more specific)

i wish i had a webcam - webkamera.

I wish it were more porn on Gudinna.

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