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Ångstrom minimal rootfs on Toshiba AC100

2010 10 17

(21.34.01) woglinde:
(21.34.19) woglinde: if someone wants to try it
(21.50.54) woglinde: its build with hfp support

So I decided to be this someone and took the image for a spin using a premade AC100 Ubuntu kernel:

Prepare the sdcard

sudo mkdir /mnt/loop /mnt/sdcard

#loopbackmount the downloaded file to access its contents 
sudo mount -o loop Angstrom-minimalist-image-uclibc-ipk-2010.7-test-20101017-ac100.rootfs.ext3 /mnt/loop
#mount a ext3 formatted sd card that we will use for bootup
sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/sdcard
#copy the Ångstrom filesystem to the sdcard
sudo cp -rp /mnt/loop/* /mnt/sdcard
#copy the ubuntu kernel modules to the new sdcard
sudo cp -rp /lib/modules/* /mnt/sdcard/lib/modules

Booting up using the Ubuntu AC100 Kernel

First the root filesystem detector that was in use on my AC100 had a little trouble to find the /sbin/init on the Ångstrom filesystem since the /sbin/init was a symlink to the real init.
I had to type exit at the root filesystem initrd # prompt to let boot continue:

Missing File (/gudinna/uploads/angstrom%5Fbooting%5Fup%5Fon%5Fac100.jpg)
Cool! Ångstrom got its bootsplash working on the first try.

Missing File (/gudinna/uploads/booted%5Fup%5Flogin%5Fas%5Froot.jpg)
Login as root... no password.. and have fun!

Missing File (/gudinna/uploads/a%5Flot%5Fof%5Fudevd%5Frunning.jpg)
When i tested to run top then I was pleased to see that only 25Mb of RAM was in use.. but I also noticed that a lot of udevd had got spawned during bootup and where slowing down the system. A quick remedy was to simple stop them all:

killall -kill udevd

And instantly the system became more responsive and now only used 14Mb of RAM.

Thank you woglinde for preparing this image, it shows that hardfloat compiled systems and distributions can be booted up on the AC100 using the same kernel as softfp systems.

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