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Omstart till fabriksinställningar "reset" av 3com 3c857 OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Gateway

Forgotten Password and Reset to Factory Defaults

If you can browse to the Gateway configuration screen but cannot log on
because you do not know or have forgotten the password, follow the
steps below to reset the Gateway to it’s factory default configuration.
CAUTION: All your configuration changes will be lost, and you will need
to run the configuration wizard again before you can re-establish your
Gateway connection to the Internet. Also, other computer users will lose
their network connections whilst this process is taking place, so choose a
time when this would be convenient.

1 Remove power from the Gateway.
2 Disconnect all your computers and the cable/DSL modem from the Gateway.
3 Using a straight through Ethernet cable, connect the Ethernet Cable/DSL port on the rear of the Gateway to any one of the LAN ports.
4 Re-apply power to the Gateway. The Alert LED will flash as the Gateway starts up, and after approximately 30 seconds will start to flash more slowly (typically 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off). Once the Alert LED has started to flash slowly, remove power from the Gateway.
5 Remove the cable connecting the Cable/DSL port to the LAN port, and reconnect one of your computers to one of the Gateway LAN ports.
6 Re-apply power to the Gateway, and when the start-up sequence has completed, browse to: and run the configuration wizard. You may need to restart your computer before you attempt this.
7 When the configuration wizard has completed, you may reconnect your network as it was before.



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