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Round 1


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Nearthwort Obtain was an audio podcast in its first incarnation, which officially ran from November 11, 2006 - March 20, 2007.

While the surface record of that existence has largely been wiped, the shows have been retained for your listening pleasure:

this page is part of the 1-cx satellite relocation...

Uploaded Image: push20button.jpg (by the way the push button thing is a meme : got one?, copy one! that have somehow spread itself to this relocation)


This prototype-feed extracts the verry essence of the past four months harvest by NO-Cheif into a tickerling bacon-sloppy pile of links all carefully selected to work with the web 1.0 guideline. Push button and travel to unknown places. Try it it is more fun than silly web 1.5 search!

1-CX Cheifs have tested the search replacing recipy before with META-BOX an intelligent replacement for search, it instantly lets someone else decide for you what to see still leaves you with a choice to go explore or not.

As one obviously can see by extracting the carefully selected bits of knowledge from the pile of links is that NO-ROUND 1 was all about three ways of saying one thing: @get in touch, @drop us a line & @send an email. Indeed Round 2 seems to boost this philophosy a bit further by leaving out all anoying bits ;)

// Chief 1-CX Multidimensional Archiver


Richard Stallman goes to Sweden

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