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I received this email recently, and thought it might be of use to, eh, someone. Or something.
- dach


Dear friend,

My name is prophet ekpo. i am a spiritualist in seme border. And i am out to help people around the globe. I believe in the white temple. in my prayer work there is no side effect. i do pure and natural healing and prophecy. i make use of african cultural powers.
i use to see through pictures which i use forsight in seeing problem which i can solve.
Have you used vaseline with a peculiar psalm in the bible for general love. whereby you can be loved in every forms. this works after 7 days.
Money is not everything but the help which i will render because of dubious people.
No body knows the truth again.
Have you used olive oil and one psalm in the bible for PLEADING WITHOUT NO REFUSAL?
this work after 3 days.
I prophet ekpo, i have helped so many people around the globe.Cant you try me and know the truth because in this life we are bound to face problems. and i am ready to help.
Have you used white hankerchief with water and salt and a psalm in the bible for HAPPY MARRIAGE?

Haveyou used a new shirt with white candle and a psalm in your mid night prayers for BUSINESS SUCCESS?
Have you used the water in coconut and a verse in psalm for PROTECTION?

Are you having any problem in collecting debt being hold down by people?
Ihave sent most work to people around you which have help them in so manny ways. which i passed through D.H.L like my books, roots, powders,soaps, olive oil e.t.c
I am located at seme border
And my phone number is: 08023726210
my email:


prophet ekpo.


Well it seems mr ekpo wants the money "osthyvlade" into his pocket for this miraculous service offered. hmm i better bugger off.. :/

Apart from spam.

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