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webcam - webkamera

Note: This page contains mostly temporary webcams and THIS page is NOT Live. for live webcams follow the links. And please add your own webcams or update the links if you know the new right locations. (You can edit pages by pressing the "Ändra" button above Ändra is the swedish word for edit. - one more computer nerd cam :)

@Mainframe 2003 webcam CatCam!

City cams - webcam from gothenburg (Göteborg) / Sweden - pictures from copenhagen/denmark - another cam from denmark - some webcams from Norway (next to sweden) - webcam from Helsinki/Finland

Computer nerd cams.

Nerds are mortly shy and can't allways be seen.
Dinki Cam
External Image

@Steffo Cam Live som tusan! (ibland)
Uploaded Image: steffo.lodiz.jpg Uploaded Image: steffo.blomma.jpg
Woha! UFO visits Steffo
@Mazy Cam Free Mazy SEX Cam
Uploaded Image: mazy.jpg

@Jaf Cam This cam is not allways up ( like every other webcam on this page )

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