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you can not be entirely sure to get one of these kinds of maps

This page is created to show of the four kinds of maps that might be generated by pressing and browsing the maps on Gudinna Wiki… (karta is swedish for map). Gudinna Wiki incoporates a complex mapping algorithm that generates one of these kinds of maps without help of using radomness in the system… all is logical and all will turn out to be one of these maps… ;)

Even if you cant be sure what kind of map you get, you can alter your chance by learning more and exploring the system… enjoy! (your chance might vary from (almost) 4/4 to (almost)1/4 chance to get the kind of map you want, depending of how observant you are :) haha. )

These maps shown on THIS page have NO clickable spots… try the "Karta ()" button in the navbar of Gudinna Wiki in order to see the dynamically generated maps!

If you want to visit any of the nodes on these maps, type in the number after in the url and you will be directed to that node almost instantly :)

If you want sourcecode to peek in then check this out: PHP källkod för att generera wiki kartor

As an author i think the maps targets different audiences… some like to explore lineary, some like it complex, some like it catigorized and still dont care about the content of a single node… what do you like a mapping system to be? -- Xerxes Rånby

Gudinna Wiki map type #00

Uploaded Image:

Gudinna Wiki map type #01

Uploaded Image:

Gudinna Wiki map type #10

Uploaded Image:

Gudinna Wiki map type #11

Uploaded Image:

Forum and blog discussions about the mappingsystem used on Gudinna Wiki… - 1+1=4 - *16 - Inspiration!

Hint #1:…
hint: only two of these four maps can be generated for one node each day! Yet all four types of maps can be seen during a day ;)
Hint #2:…
Try and play with these links!
@link #00
@link #11

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