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1-Complex - ADI-DIS-Complex.pdf
ADI-DIS-Complex From 1-Complex


The ADI-DIS-Complex is a theory package for describing communication between small things ADI, DIS. When the communication between ADI and DIS is applyed it is hard to distinguish the ADI from the DIS and thus one get the ADI-DIS-Complex.

Significant research based on ADI-DIS-Complex theory package

A little story describing the way ADI-DIS-Complex was identified.

One (I) had worked a lot in one pair of holy shoes and some water slipped in from the ground, since one (I) got one leg that is slightly longer than the other one resulting in that one of my feet got slighly more preasure than the other foot.

After some days walking around in my soaked shoes i decided to take a look since my feet started to kill me due to the damp have softened my skin.
To my surprise when i examined my feet i noticed that my foot put under preasure got straight canyon like lines formed in my skin, the other foot with less preasure got circular patterns in my skin.

I cleaned my feet and let them dry and both my feets are happy now :)

Yet the pointy pattern and the circular pattern made me connect what forces caused lines and what absence of force caused circular patterns.

So i decided to call these patterns ADI and DIS, acronyms i have used for describing my ADI-DIS-Complex.

ADI = Circular force
DIS = Pointy force

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