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Generate 3D movies from any single camera filmed movie

Hi, @this perceptional research have actually evolved into me being able to produce 3D pictures from any single camera filmed movie! Amazing stuff, i have successfully watched my ADI-DIS-Complex demonstration in 3D without the need of dual cameras, i found a way to mimic the way our own brain generates a depth sence by using only one eye... so the trick is to play the exact same move in stereo but with a slight time difference, this provides our brain with the aditional data able to produce the 3D depth picture (use your both eyes), works fantastic, i have successfully watced my favourite movied in 3D without need of special glasses or special film. Actually this research is an offspring from the ADI-DIS-Complex theory package :) enjoy!

If you want to play all your favourite movies without applying your brain to much (focus with crossed eyes or focus at a point in the distance behind the screen) I recomend that you go to your local computer store and buy one of those expensive 3D glasses and play the same movie on both glasses with a slight time difference (around 1/14 of a second difference should work fine). By removing just a fiew frames from the beginning of one of the movies then they can be played syncronised using regular movie playback utilities, in my test-setup i have played the same move using dual instances of quicktime on a mac computer.

The amazing thing about this 3D aproach using time delays instead of dual cameras for producing 3D movies is that it can be appyed to ANY movie recorded with just one camera! By using these theories and ideas one can play any regular blockbuster movie in 3D from regular DVD, tape etc etc (read ANY movie produced by man up to date)!!! I think this is darn cool :) Now you go out and dig up those old black and white tapes from the beginning of mankinds movie obsession and play them in 3D with out of any manipulation to the original movie. (A requirement for this technique to work is that the movie must be recorded with a good framerate or else your brain will get trouble processing all the data, thus it wont work with a slideshow verry well, slideshows will still be 2D).

Note that this way of producing 3D from 2D movies requires NO hands-on attention from artists and technicians or advanced hardware or software, it is simply closer to nature.

Why it works

Normally 3D is constructed by photographing one object with dual cameras. By using only one camera and time delay you dont actually have to move the camera in order to get a new viewing angle, instead the objects in the scene have moved due to the time delay. Since our brain only processes about 25 frames of picture information for each picture visualised in our brain, if i adjust the time delay to be below 25 frames one can actually process both the current frame and the delayed frame for each update correctly and thus the brain is able to generate a 3D animation due to the fact that the frames shows the objects in the movie from different angles due to the delay.

// Xerxes Rånby 2005-02-16

Demonstration picture, notice that i actuallt play the two movies (bulle and ADI-DIS-Complex) in stereo with a slight time difference.

Use the small mpeg4 icons to help focus properly. Make the four icons into two (or six depending how good your brain is coping with adjusted focus). :)

Uploaded Image: ADI-DIS-Complex-3D-Movie-Demonstration.png
Uploaded Image: ADI-DIS-Complex-3D-Movie.png

Movies used for the demonstration picture

ADI-DIS-Complex demonstration movie can be downloaded from this page: ADI-DIS-Complex demonstration

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Saturday, 18 June 2005, 11.42
Utan att ha försökt se exemplen (jag är dålig på att titta åt olika håll med ögonen) vill jag protestera. En 2D-video innehåller ingen avståndinformation. Det enda man kan få fram är att genom att få hjärnan att se två något olika bilder, kan den erfarenhetsmässigt återskapa ett djupintryck baserat på vad bilden liknar och storleksskillnader. Men det gör vi rätt bra med den vanliga 2D-bilden också. Så varför böka med det här?

Thursday, 24 March 2005, 11.41
Generate 3D movies from any single camera filmed movie.pdf

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