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General description of what the ADI-DIS-Complex is all about

A request have been made to describe the ADI-DIS-Complex with simpler and more direct words. I will describe the ADI-DIS-Complex by comparing to my webcam-laptop setup described on this page: ADI feedbackloop tests (pictures and movies)
Uploaded Image: ADI-DIS-Complex webcam-setup.png

tanner wrote: (in this thread:
hey --- thats what i do with my webcam
its the only splendid thing it does :)
infinate recursion.

Have you managed to create a lot of stable configurations? (any configuration that YOU think is table)

Yes it is amazing how easy it can compute without generating lots of heat!
My best idea for applying ADI-DIS-Complex is to let the webcam configuration replace common neural networks found in AI simulations.

By removing the "programmed neural network" and replace it by the ADI-DIS-Complex for processing i belive we will be able to generate results similar and better than neural network with out having to do advanced computations since the photon movement in the ADI will make the recusional computional work for us, without generating excessive heat too! It works like a super parallel computer with one neuron (with built in delay caused by computer hardvare processinglimitations) with in my setup 320x200 inputs (limit by the webcam) and 1024x768 outputs (laptop LCD screen) and reconfigure connections between inputs and outputs can be done rapidly by applying DIS (mousepointer movements, hand interference, crystals, leds,) to the ADI system.

Artificial Delayed Intelligence

The ADI is a stabilised delayed feedbackloop for analog signals in my setup here i have my computer as a super neuron that is the ADI. (LCD -> webcam -> computer -> LCD -> webcam .... loop). Result from ADI can be put as DIS input to another ADI, in this case the ADI will be concidered as DIS. (quite an hallucination).

Data Injection System

The DIS is all different kinds of systems that feeds data into the ADI. If DIS becomes permanent it will be concidered a permanent part of the ADI. (quite an hallucination).


By letting them coexist you get the ADI-DIS-Complex. A system able to produce results from any input. Ever expandable to utilitise any number of combinations of ADI and DIS. It is possible one might not distinguish the ADIs from the DIS any longer thus the whole system is treated as one ADI-DIS-Complex.

The ADI-DIS-Complex is a general idea and i belive this kind of interraction exists everywhere in nature and is the source of our own human intelligence, and communication between small atoms/molecules/brains all around us.

Thus by pointing out this complex that exist everywhere i belive mankind will be able to create vast more powerfull setups than a simple webcam <-> computer thing.

In the thread Internet is great! i have documented how this complex works in my own brain in order to produce results.

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