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unlimited storage in delay circuits and other nice features with delays

Say someone build this storage device:

A laser is pointed towards the moon, on the moon there is a mirror that reflects the laser down to earth again, since light have a fixed speed, by injecting a signal that bounces till and from the moon one might be able to store almost an unlimited amount of data in the beam since the beam is analog and delayed.

By creating a feedback loop that retransmits all data recived on earth back to the moon again using this beam we can store any pattern in the bounce as long as the delay is long enough to generate a timeslot needed for transmission.

Now think of your own brain, the human brain have an austonishing capability of pattern based/sequence storage. I belive with this kind of technology mankind will be able to produce AI in a new and simple way using the now documented ADI-DIS-Complex.

Actually a primitive prototype of this storage device is already created by mandkind by various data storage units and nets. How much data is in transit through the internet all day? "WWW, World Wide Wait".

Get more information due to delays

if you concider the additinal information you get each time you miss the bus then you are on the right track to understand this.

The world around you is repeating itself, you know this by taking the bus each morning and when you brush your teeth.

Most people like to have habits since it lets them focus on new things. If a delay happens without warning then most people get uncomfortable, like when people misses busses or get stuck in a traffic jam. Now remember that you have a limited amount of time each day and you fill this time mostly with your habits. Next time you get stuck in a traffic jam, remember that this jam will actually provide you with new information about the world.

This can also be applyed to various fields of research. When researches search for new ways of doing things, research often boils down to reduce delays as much as possible in order for the experiments to succeed. This means that there is little research made of what benefits delays make in systems.

In order to show you some good use of delays i recomend that you study these links:
Generate 3D movies from any single camera filmed movie
ADI feedbackloop tests (pictures and movies)
… im sure that you can find good use of delays if you just study them the same curious way that you study pleasant delays like watching TV. enjoy :)

As a sidenote i want to point out that the intelligence in ADI is due to delays combinated with recursion.
DIS is required for the system to stay intelligent since the ADI needs input from the DIS in order to generate new longterm-results.

Delays are an almost unknown field of research. enjoy your delays :)

//Xerxes Rånby 2005-01-28

PDF copy of the original document about delay

Creative Commons Legal Code.pdf
unlimited storage in delay circuits, initial version.pdf - This is ofcourse now outdated since this page shows the current version


Thursday, 17 February 2005, 20.17
Patience is a virtue that enables one to enjoy delays.

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