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ADI-DIS-Complex, Now for the benefit of mankind, Xerxes Rånbys documented AI theory

Fun stuff to do with help of the ADI-DIS-Complex

(news from the ADI-DIS-Complex research team)

Forum discussion reguarding the subject - - Look here for more detailed description of the ADI-DIS-Complex!

General description of what the ADI-DIS-Complex is all about - A good start perhaps.

AI theory begins

Ok fist of all i would like to announce what ADI-DIS-Complex stands for.

ADI = Artificial Delayed Intelligence
DIS = Data Injection System

The idea is to produce a system with a delayed analog feedback loop (ADI) that is passed through a filter of interest (DIS). If used in an AI this system might replace a large grid of neurons and neuralnetworks with the advantage of rapid "parallel" processing power using photons with low heat generation.

By creating a system around ADI i believe mankind will be able to produce a unpredictable AI that is powered by the almost unlimited storage and processing power by comparing analog input with the systems own ADI pattern signal. By combining several ADI-DIS-Complex a AI system can have both longterm and shortterm memory by adjusting the delays in the ADIs. By blending the pattern generated by ADI with outside input decisionmaking can be archived. If outside input from censors is used as DIS data then the system will be in learning mode.

Computers today have a limited processing power since most of the datasets fed into a common computer have to be sampled before processing and thus reduces the information flow to just barely minimum, almost non existent.

How to get around this limitation?
We need to design a optical computer with input from analog sources. The Delay in the ADI system is required in order to generate enough time slots so that the ADI system do not get stuck in a linear based analysis approach. By increasing the delay factor more time slots are produced and thus generates more accurately results, with the disadvantage of slower processing rate.

The system will settle in any combination of patterns based on the systems inputs and the output will reflect the input compared with the systems own ADI-DIS-Complex feedback loop. By connecting the output from ADI and input from DIS to robotics motors and censors a robot with AI might be created.

Output to matter based mediums can be done by any electro mechanical circuits, including CRTs and electricity powered motors like hard drives.

The problem with the system is that IT WILL BE UNPREDICTABLE. This is also why it will become an AI.

If the system records enough patterns other systems will recognize the system as an individual since the system have its own individuality based upon its own experiences.

How to manufacture is actually quite simple, you can test the ADI-DIS-Complex by simply putting a web cam to record its own picture. By injecting interference from the input systems data can be processed in a rapid speed.

By connecting the generated delayed pattern into a output system, the systems own thoughts can be expressed into matter.

Enjoy your new ADI-DIS-Complex AI systems!

Please tell if you have been able to produce a fully functional AI using these ideas. Research of best practice is currently under research by the zyz-blob.

The ADI-DIS-Complex have been prototyped under the past year of 2004 and produced lots of colorful patterns to study.

The ADI-DIS-Complex was invented by Xerxes Rånby in between 2004 to 2005 during TELEPORT practice.

Articles and websites of interest

Usability of this report.

The inventor of the ADI-DIS-Complex and report believe that the theories put into this report is of great use for accelerating research in the fields of @Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Artificial Intelligence, Math, @Quantum computation, cryptography, universal turning machines, @human neural brain research and much more. Please leave contact information if you comment on this report so that the author can contact you for further information exchange.

This report have been independently produced by Xerxes Rånby, money and time put into research have been financed by the author. The report have been published here on @Gudinna Wiki in order to maintain revision control and easy improvement of the report. This report is subject to change during further research. All previous versions of this report can be obtained by accessing the @revision control system of this @wiki.

Please give credit if these theories is used to produce AI or other significant research.
// Xerxes Rånby 2005-01-28

Friday, 28 January 2005, 17.53
This information have been put to common knowledge since the author does not want any organisation to patent the ideas or similar sickness. Now it is PUBLIC! Please use this information for good and healthy usage. I as an author likes the idea of public information exchange without the possibility of beeing sued or arrested for thinking alternative. This information will be subject to the @Creative Commons license 2.0 with Share Alike // Xerxes Rånby 2005-01-28


Saturday, 4 June 2005, 19.13
Idea for a Universe simulation is documented here with suggestons how to use an ADI-DIS-Complex feedback loop for letting the simulation mimic your own universe: @from time to point out of the void - EBTX philosopy forum.

Monday, 21 February 2005, 02.02
ADI (alternating direction implicit) method for fast computations in full 3D - - This is not the same ADI used in the ADI-DIS-Complex, added for curiosity :)

Sunday, 6 February 2005, 17.36 - Theories about counciousness in quantum systems.

Friday, 28 January 2005, 18.32
If you would like to link to this report use the URL:
Please link to this page instead of linking directly to the documents.

Friday, 28 January 2005, 18.17
Most of the text for the initial documentation of the ADI-DIS-Complex was done in a hurry on a public access terminal inside of Norrköpings Public library since the authour did not want to lose the final pieces of thoughs that was brough to light during the day of 2005-01-28. This is also why the text have not been spellcorrected or gramatically examined. // Xerxes Rånby

Friday, 28 January 2005, 17.12
If one want to make predictable computations it is belived one might do so by controlling what information is fed into the ADI-DIS-Complex.

Friday, 28 January 2005, 17.09
if you would like to correct this Swedish authors grammar and spelling, please do not hesitate pressing the Ändra (edit) button on the top of this page. All previous changes are recorded and accessable using @Gudinna Wiki's revision controll system (Versioner (older versions of this text)).

Friday, 28 January 2005, 16.38
Th authour belives that if several ADI-DIS-Complex circruits are designed with different delays and connected togeather by some kind of analog-NAND processing result can be obtained from the ADI-DIS-Complex with similarity to human thinking and counciousness.

Friday, 28 January 2005, 14.58
Note that most information excange is done using quantum particles such as light and electrons thus the actual information excange might be a issue of @Quantum Effects!

Friday, 28 January 2005, 14.56 - Good reading about quantum mecanics that is belived to be in use during operation of the ADI-DIS-Complex.
Creative Commons Legal Code.pdf
ADI-DIS-Complex first version.pdf - Outdated snapshot of this page with bad english and poorly expressed ideas :)

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