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UPnP under unix/linux/bsd med flera samt varningar angående UPnP "standarden" - En demon som ligger i bakgrunden och hjälper p2p som tex IP telefoni att fungera.

Varningar med UPnP version 1.0

Here's our biggest problem, and our opponents arguments to this software.
However, we feel that Open Source is all about giving people choices, and
letting intelligent people make intelligent decisions about its use. A lot
of us really NEED this, and can live with the consequences because we are
simply connecting a home network to the internet through one ip, and we
would have had the windows machines (or whatever internet device) connected
directly in the first place. That being said, here we go:

@UPnP version 1.0, of which this program is based, is inherently flawed. As
with most Microsoft supported software, there was a lot of theory put out
there, but no code. Well what happened is they made attempt to get this
concept of UPnP out there, and in the inital version they weren't concerned
with security or any advanced controls. Simply all they wanted was
connectivity. So we are stuck with this for now. The UPnP server, by itself,
does no security checking. If it recieves a UPnP request to add a portmapping
for some ip address inside the firewall, it just does it. This program will
attempt to verify the source ip contained in the UPnP request against the
source ip of the actualy packet, but as always, these can be forged. The
UPnP server makes no attempt to verify this connection with the caller, and
therefore it just assumes whoever asked is the person really wanting it.
Theoretically this could open up ports on some other box than the caller to
the outside world, and this is where intelligent decision making comes in.
If you restrict the ability of this to happen with iptables rules, then this
becomes a non-issue, and only the machines that iptables allows to have stuff
go to will be allowed. But sure, everyone can come up with some way to get
around this so listen.

We are going to try to do the best we can to place source ip verification,
config files that say which machines can request portmappings, and which
machines can recieve portmappings, and any other things that come along.

ITS FUNCTIONALITY. Just want to let you guys know that if you can think of
a way to screw the security up with this, we'd like to hear about it on the
mailing list. If you want to write in and tell us how totally off base we are
and how this is a useless, security plagued, Microsoft product driven piece
of software, let me just tell you what our mothers always say, "If you don't
have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all!". We appreciate
constructive criticism, but let's try to keep the flames to yourself.


Är det någon som har fåt uPNP att fungera med BSD alternativt MacOSX så ändra gärna på den här sidan och berätta!

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