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Experiment att bygga ett nytt internet med egna DNS servrar


16:42 < zyz_> someone wants to build their own internet with me? :)
16:42 < zyz_> i suggets we pick the top somain .node
16:42 < zyz_> domain
16:42 < zyz_> zyz.node
16:42 < zyz_> haha
16:43 < zyz_> we can use our node nameservers as seconary and then bein able to access both the common 
              internet and the .node internet
16:43 < zyz_> http://zyz.node   :)=  it is possible
16:44 < zyz_> and we could call the network internode

16:49 < zyz_> dach: no i am talking building a new internet
16:49 < zyz_> with free information excange
16:49 < zyz_> without $$$ in the pictue
16:49 < zyz_> open for people wo are adventourous
16:50 < zyz_> the current DNS driven internet is soo governemnt controlled
16:50 < zyz_> im talkin gof setting up some dedicated servers that is controlled by the .node community :


Dedikerade servrar


Web interface to bind so anyone can register any number of adresses

Free DNS hosting...


oops! it seems internode is known to man as the largest isp in Australia

tidigare liknande experiment...

the well network - currently sold out.. fuckers! - MOO writing network

This is a VERY, VERY bad idea. Central control, how omnious it may seem is always superior to balkanisation, because central control gives a common framework for communication, not only with the people you think you want to talk to, but all the others too. Besides, the folks running the DNS are nice people, and your friends.

:) we agree, although as a small webbased instant messenger system it might work. Especially for "secret-but-notsecure-community-intranets-for-dnsadmin-wannabies" and such. :)
computer-art might be another definition for the activity. interacting art too !

Playing with things for the sake of fun is always important for the induvidual to adopt with reality. Not all people will have the skills or fortune nessecerly to be a NOC-admin or princess, but many of us played NOC-admin and princess when young. Sometimes too young for beeing allowed to work full time and support its own living, own finances.. not a chance, owned by its parent.

Dont see balkanisation as something bad, see it like kids playing with its own world or universe trying to adept with yours. Dont shout on a kid to clean its room when it is having fun, it kind of ruins the play.

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