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I have to consider my name

'Xerxes sitting in a hole in the wall'

For some reason, he's sitting in a whole in the wall with a piece of ancient technology in his hand that still works surprsingly (a shotgun ^_^). The scibbles around the hole is actually my own language, it says, 'The Twice-Fallen One shall claim redeption, the Twice-Fallen One shall taste the blood of all.'

Picture © Tina 'Black Marth' Lam. All rights reserved!

Abraxas Contemplating the Head of Xerxes

X is for Xerxes

who was shot by a bow }:)

A name with many faces.

I think I like yours the most.

You look transparent but actually your skull is on the outside :)


i love sleeping i curl up into a small ball and think of nice things first i empty my head of any rubbish of the day and put all the rubbish on the table then i put it back in the morn and contemplate how to fix it {)



ilike yourpics especially the head you know im interestedin heads specially thos which fall off

Names are made for others

Yes I am astonished what patterns people can make up just by studying my name :)

Anathema; still there?

I am searching for you. My purpose is clouded.

Fro has searched for you before; in another dimension.

what is the meaning of this?

what is the meaning of this?


Do they mix? }:)




Don't die zyz :(

Dont worry i will just sleep for a while.

I have confidence in my sleeping }:)

Ok... sleep tight.

Ok... sleep tight.

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