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Mind your life

It is said that chance can be changed by the excited mind; like under any game. By changing chance one can actully contoll life by changing chance in ones favour. Think of all situations you can change the chanse on random particles to be controlled in your favour. Enhance your reality by changing mind!

Is life a game?

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Are there any practical examp

Are there any practical examples?

Limited senses and understanding.

We interact with more matter than we can sence with our human senses. Ever watched a IR camera or measured brainwave radiation?
Sonars pick us up to like any fish; still we dont sence sonar.

If we would sence more then we might understand more of all our interaction with reality.

Feel your reality; understand your reality.

Ah, but all of this is matter

Ah, but all of this is matter, not reality. I see reality as something more abstract than atoms.

I think reality is something

I think reality is something like a complex number, with an imaginary part :)
concepts and ideas and patterns of change are equally 'as real' to me as conventional matter. And theres way loads more stuff to discover.

matter is what reality is made of

atoms are made of matter and matter at lest that is what i belive from studying our scientists machines scenses. Im certan that we can detect more with better sensors.

What do we gain by discoverin

What do we gain by discovering more particles?

More bombs?

Perhaps we sould not just search for particles then!

Tell me.. what can not be detected? What is uncertain in reality?

What? I believe everything


I believe everything in due time can be detected. The uncertainty in reality is that we do not believe in it. We believe to expand knowledge in matter, not our unvisible surroundings, get what I'm saying?

get what I'm saying?

Im trying, please be patient i am trying to not argue with you or my mind but i need a little time to reason with myself. :/

.. A little sleep will help me i think.

Hehe I'm defenitly not thinki

Hehe I'm defenitly not thinking you're opposing me, rather bringing us a interesting discussion.


We constantly change chanse by moving matter with our mind.
Expand you concious mind.
Life is all about altering your chance for the benefit of your life.



Thankyou Zyz, you allways remind me of the good things and in such pleasant terms:)


Im happy you are reading my blogs and enjoys the ideas contained.

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