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A Part of Senses

If we loose our sight(go blind), or loose our hearing(go deaf), do we gain something in the end(as if loosing contact with the material reality would give us more), or do we simply just loose abilities to control this material reality?

Sences might be usable in ways they are not good at.

My mind wants to share ideas about my own vauge sences...
Sometimes i am feeling uncertain of my feelings, love attraction is rather perticular since it is like a feeling that can be tuned in and recived if one just let the body go. Im trying to describe a sensation/feeling i can get when being next to someone who shows interest in me; i have not been able to trigger this feeling by my own will. Almost like a warm cozy radiationfrom someone elses counciousnes that moves my body.

.. note to self. What if the love radiation is how my own body sence other persons interest in me. Perhaps i am feeling manipulation of my body by someone else counciousnes. A mixed up counciousness of someone controlling my body.

Ways to cope with coulded sences...
Still deaf people enjoy music since it is not only the ear that is able to understand soundwaves.

And coma patiens are almost like dead but still some of them are living and interacting in their drams.

Sences that gets interpreate vauge by the human body like eye vision disorder can be reversed slightly by increased brain activity. Like when you focus your vision.

The vaugness in life can also be understood in different ways like if we build a machine that helps us see infrared radiation by changing the infrared information to something we can understand like vision or sound.

By combining many sences one might get a more and more pleasing picture of what is going on and perhaps one might be able to see life as understandable patterns.


When I was younger I was allways hearing ppl saying things like "I don't know what's wrong with me" or "I just woke up in bad mood". It seemed like ppl would be having bad feelings and a bad time with no explaination for it.

This did not make sense to me and I thought about it for a long time, what I decided in the end was that there must be some explaination(I Believe there is a reason for everything) that ppl would not accept because it was considered a ridculous or immpossible idea.

The best explaination I came up with like this was that there are "forces" or maybe even "feilds of energy" that we interact with but cannot sense in the traditionally accepted ways.

The more I have opened up to these ideas the more they have become real to me and the more I have found I am aware of. Sometimes I believe I can feel the delicate interplay of strange enrgies all across my skin and in my mind.

"society"is aware that there is more, it is hinted at in many ways, the talk of having a sixth sense, that feeling that someone was watching you, maybe they were or were at least focusing their mind on you(perhaps even from a great distance.)

There are mant things to learn and discover that as yet lie hidden and the possibility that many are being created even as read.

It is amazing how we can block the existance of things by just not believing in them.

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