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Squeak java demo

Tyvärr.. denna java demonstration har tagits offline. sidan finns kvar för bekvämlighets skull ifall demot tas ibruk igen.

This java squeak demo is currently offline. sorry

This is test of multiple users interacting with a presistent online squeak environment.
Password: continue

Connecting to the demo server from inside a squeak session running on YOUR machine using Nebraska.

@More info on the squeak swiki.

First setup and launch squeak on YOUR machine.

On the java demo machine, hit the "Share" button on the orange navigator strip. A small morph will appear in the upper left of the display. This has controls for ending the Nebraska session (the X button) plus some information about the connected clients.

On your machine, you will need a "badge" representing the server. If you don't already have one available (you probably don't), then get an EToySenderMorph from the new morph/experimental menu. This pink thing is often referred to as a badge and is the central point for many of the collaborative facilities in Squeak. Click on the area of the badge containing the IP address. Put the IP address for the server in the resulting dialog ( ) and hit Accept. On the bottom of the badge is a row of small colored buttons. The "S" button on the right end of this row is the button to connect you to the world represented by the badge. Press it now. The first thing you will see is a rectangle with an orange border. The server's world will appear within this border as soon as the data is received. You can resize the orange frame using the yellow resize handle from the halo (cmd-click or alt-click on the frame). There is also a small yellow palette of buttons floating above the server display.

The "1x1" button will immediately enlarge the frame to show the server's world at full size.
The "Quit" button will disconnect you from the server
The "B" button will change the style of connection to Nebraska. The normal connection is to send every drawing command on the server to the client. Sometimes (servers with very active displays and/or slow connections) this means that the client will fall further and further behind the server. If that is the case, pressing the "B" button will switch to a buffered connection. In this mode, the server sends an entire copy of its display, but only when previous data has been sent. This means that the cllient will always be current to within the time required to send a full screen.


If the server has a badge representing the client, then the client's name and/or picture will be associated with the client's cursor. If not, '???' will be used.

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