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PHP källkod för att generera wiki kartor

The mapping engine have been slightly modified after writing this text: It is currently undocumented how this wiki creates the 1-Complex sphere maps!

The introduction to the 1-Complex map have been made in a special oscillating way, haha you can not be entirely sure to get one of these kinds of maps ;)

Uploaded Image: SE.gif Här är källkoden som används för att kunna generera wikikartorna på Gudinna Wiki.

PHP sourcecode for this wiki's map generator.

Uploaded Image: UK.gif This is the source code for generating the External Image (Map function) on this wiki. The code was made from inspiration of Ward's wikis @VisualTour. The source is in Alpha stage and not well documented and can be much improved. It might be tricky to adept the code for your web environment but if you do please tell about it!

Differences in approach compared to @VisualTour

I loved wards wikis VisualTour function but i thought it had a problem finding associative linking between the pages since i wanted the mapping function help me getting a owerview of wards wiki. I decided to write a mapping solution that was based on the webservers referer_log for input, this enabled the system to respond correctly to the users needs by analysing their browsing patterns. All popular accesses between pages by the users result in arrows on the map, interesting to know is that the visitors of this wiki are actually creating the map while browsing pages, similar to trails formed in forests by walking explorers. Just keep klicking on the right trail on the map (orange boxes) and the map will continue in the direction of your choice and many other visitors.

Improved the output from webdot by feeding in a more complex .dot file with tuned colors, fonts and shapes.

The code....

Database setup

The map generator requires a working mySQL database.
The database is setup as follow:

Webserver setup

In order to greate a graph from .dot files @webdot is installed on the webserver and used.
The Webserver is compleated from two parts

Comments and suggestions:

I was thinking of getting a map made of my own wiki, and found you writing on wardswiki :) // dach - visitor of this wiki ..
response: nice looking projects.. hope it becomes its full potential! - xerxes

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