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Howto setup a swiki

Checklist, understand that swiki...

OK lets get started!

Running Squeak 3.4 on OpenBSD 3.4

It is possible, and the biggest advantage running 3.4 compared to 3.0 is that 3.4 runs with only 0 to 7% CPU usage compared to 20 to 90% CPU usage with Squeak 3.0!
How to do it: Download the @Squeak sourcecode package for unix systems and follow the build instructions, but before running make edit the Makefile and change the line

all : $(squeak) plugins squeak.1 $(npsqueak)
all : $(squeak) plugins squeak.1


install : install-squeak install-plugins install-doc $(install_nps)
install : install-squeak install-plugins install-doc

Then run make and make install as normal.
Then make sure you use the new Squeak 3.4 VM binary when launcing the wiki with the swiki squeak.image next to the swiki folder.
This wiki is running Squeak VM 3.4-2 on OpenBSD 3.4 as a proof of concept!
(Squeak 3.6 source compiles without problems on OpenBSD but uses 99% CPU)

Wiki server-mjukvaror som är bra

Perhaps squeak or swiki is not suitable for your wiki web environment?
Then here is a list of other Wiki server software!

Good Luck and
Happy Wiki Wiki!


I have closed my ComSwikiLauncher window. what now?

Fear not it can be created again! Open a workspace and type in this command row
ComSwikiLauncher openAsMorph
Then select the text typed in and bring up the right button menu and press doit!. The Launcher menu should be back in seconds.

Experiments with the swiki webserver.

Uploaded Image: SE.gif Expirement med Squeak Commanche webservern

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