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Jesus skall ju ses!

The "@BABY JESUS" DOLL©" helps a child to remember
that Jesus is not just for Christmas
but for everyday of our life.

@Elftor has something to say about Jesus, and Pagans.

Jesus was a human being and he woshipped The One God like all the other Prophets of God, Moses, David, Soloman, Abraham, Noah, Zakaria, Enoch, Adam. They all worshipped the 1 God - this is the forst commandment of Moses. Whoever worships Jesus has gone far far astray from the straight path, but whoever worships the God of Jesus, the 1, the Independent, then that is the path of all the Prophets. Think about it.

Despite all the nice things the Catholic Supply Company have on offer, like Hockey playing Jesus, Baseball playing Jesus, the disturbing Gymnastics Jesus and even BMX and Inline Jesus, they completly forgot Longboarding Jesus. So here He is.
Uploaded Image: jesus_longboard.gif

Some day Im going to get my own @Inflatable Church

Some day I'm going to get my own @Baby Jesus

Gott eller ont, man vet aldrig vad han väljer att lyssna på!
Uploaded Image: jesus.jpg

Jag fann Jesus i mitt vardagsrum!
Uploaded Image: jesus2.jpg
Han var hög på något, tror jag...

Jesus på tapeten

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