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I got my internet connection working at last, and have started up my own website, please come along and add something to it! Its starting to grow now, and I need some visitors!!!!

@More pictures from my old studio gallery

The Magnaquarium

Yet another TO DO list.

It is of vital importance to put more pictures of naked feet on the internet. Seriously. My contribution, proudly displaying my toe ring, which I havnt taken off in about 5 years now.

Look! I got a cute elephant on a snowboard, how sweet :)

Mad Wild Heffalump

Wild Heffalump

Soundtrack to your life:
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed

Favourite website:

Muahahahahaha !

Certified Personality Test result.

Links to people I wish were my friends

@Rick Wallace
@Magic Loopy Floating Bean

Links to people I wish were not my friends (just kidding!)

WeirdKerr Just what the hell is on that TV anyway ???

Sometimes I like to paint. If only the world looked like @This

When I get the time, and steal the video camera from my parents again, I plan to make some good @Ambient Video. Here you see the rabbit wheel.

Todays space Weather

Things to buy when i am rich

I must create a page about Longboarding and also my Dach's CSound Project

Some pictures of an @Infrared Baboon

…The reason why dach is not running a server ( home)

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