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Richard Garriott

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Picture of Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British.
The man the myth or just the guy that created a lot of computer roleplaying games with philosopical ideas?

Reviews of his games

@The Tracks of His Games untill 09/21/1999
Ultima V


by Steve Bauman:
Part I: @The Past—Richard Garriott talks about the origin of the virtues
Part II: @The Present—Richard Garriott talks about Ultima IX: Ascension
Part III: @Part III: The Future—Richard Garriot talks about his next project
Part IV: @Richard Garriott discusses Ultima Online
Part V: @Storytelling and Themes—Richard Garriott talks about some of the thoughts behind the series
Part VI: @Violence in Games—Richard Garriott offers his opinions on today's hottest topic

Websites that focus on Lord British's virtues

@The Eight Virtues of Lord British

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