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How to define Truth using virtues

Truth are subject to everyones own interpetations.
Truth is the opposite to Falsehood, and in order to know what is Truth one must have Fortitude and Patience in order to obtain the Wisdom needed for decicions. Justice and Humility is later needed in order to see the truth from ones Wisdom. Honor and Honesty is required in order to express ones Truth.

There are also other ways of defining Truth based on other Virtues.
Richard Garriott's defenition is that Truth is a combination of Honesty, Justice and Honor.

But since other principles might cloud the eyes of the seeker of Truth one who are searching for the ultimately Truth might have to abandon Love in order to see the true Truth in all situations. Still Love is needed if one wants to make fair Judgement.

In the virtual universe of Ultima Online lives Gaherius, a Oracle who has created a path to walk for those who are seeking the Truth. Even if that virtual worlds history differs from ours the theories may be applyable for us.

Remember that even these ways of defining Truth pressented here might be wrong.

Here is a list of virtues for those who seek defenitions.

@Gödels Incompletness Theorem states, among other things, that Truths can exist that cannot be proved. If the system is consistant (like mathematics, logic, reality?) then there will be true assertions which cannot be proved. You just have to believe in them :)


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