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The following description on Humility was directly taken from @Mary's answers that are pressented at @Collage of Christ Consciousness.

Question/Comment:  Is there a recipe for humility?

Mary's Response: First, let us define the term 'humility', as it means different things to different people, depending on what each has been taught or trained to think.  Many erroneously believe that humility is equated with lowliness or a lack of power as indicated by the word humiliation.  The Truth it is just the opposite.  Humility is not a state of powerlessness or low self esteem where one feels unequal to someone else.

TRUE HUMILITY IS A VERY HIGH STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH HAS ITS SOURCE IN SERVICE TO OTHERS.  When you shift your attitude to that of feeling honored to be allowed to serve someone or some cause, you have attained the first level of humility.

Humility is achieved through process rather than by following a recipe.  Actually, each of you have been in the process of attaining humility since the day you were born.  Humility is the lesson and Life is the teacher.  Every challenge you have ever encountered throughout your life was an opportunity to learn humility.

If you want to achieve humility, then look at your life NOW.   Let yourself see all the situations you are currently in and all the people you are currently relating to, then ask yourself, "how can I best serve (this situation, this person)?"  Let go of your resistance to being there (in that situation or with that person), and allow yourself to develop an appreciation for this opportunity to serve.  Let go of your expectation of reward or receiving anything in return.  Just give whatever is required no matter how difficult that may be.  Give without any strings attached or any attachment to the outcome.  If you do this long enough, you will release an energy of Love within yourself that will flow like a river; and you will come to the place in consciousness where you actually feel grateful that the situation or person allowed you to serve them.  Your gratitude will arise out of the Knowing you will have that Humility IS the recipe for:

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