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Misinterpreted virtues

How does one know the right path to follow Virtues?
Perhaps the only solution is to define clear logical ways of defining and selecting good virtues that are hard to misinterpret and choose the right virtues that form the society or government one wants.

In Ultima V the world falled into chaos and tyrrany when a new Leader emerged and forced people to uphold the virtues. His new laws was not fair or human only cruel. The virtues have stopped to work due to fear of expressing growth and ideals for the leaders and the leaders lack Acceptance. One must accept that not one or others can fulfill the virtues even if one are walking the path of the virtues. Noone is born perfect and we learn by living.

Here follows a scanned page from the computergame Ultima V in order to show how enforced virtues can become all wrong.
Uploaded Image: missinterpretedvirtues.png
Page scanned from the Book of Lore bundled with the Ultima V computer game.

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