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Ultima V

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Warriors of Destiny By Lord British. Orgin systems inc.
"Setting the new standard for role-playing adventure"

As read from the back cover:

"Enter the realm of Britannia:
a world rich in history, adventure, and intrigue. Lord British, the benevolent ruler of Britannia, has been lost on an expedition to explore the vast reaces of a newly discovered underworld. Panic erupts in Britannia when the sole survivor of the expedition returns with dread tales of their fate.

To restore peace, the trusted but ambitious subject, Blackthorn seizes control of Britannia. His fanatical devotion to order ultimately transforms him into a self-righteous tyrant. Now, Britannia's destiny depends on your ability to discover the fate of Lord British and to unseat the merciless Blackthorn."

"More than two years in the making, Warriors of Destiny sets the new standard for role-playing genre. No other game can offer you as beautifully detailed a world or as exciting an adventure. Ultima V is the game for all role-playing games;

Warriors of Destiny will enchant the novice and challenge the expert."


Ultima V was released in 1988 and my brother bought it for our Amiga 500 system. Since then i can't remember how many hours i have spent walking the land of Britannia searching for clues.. Since the game has no ordinary set up path to follow results in that the player has to decide for himself where to travel and how he should manage to complete his huge task. The game is filled with clues and has a underlying red ribbon to follow, but you will have to search deeply in order to see it. After many ohurs of playing you will realise how the world is actually ruled and works.

The gameplay side is a bit different.. You controll the main character that comes from our present world and have travelled to the lands of Britannia using a portal. All battles and walking around are in some sort of "Moria"/"@Angband" style but with a more sophisticated world and ways of communication.

If you would like to play this game i recommend that you try to find the original boxed since you will likely be lost without some of the items bundled with the game like the Book of Lore (describing culture, magic and other interesting things), a cloth map of the land so that you can plan your journeys, Lord British daily journal filled with clues and the amulet with the codex symbol.

This is also Richard Garriotts second game that circulates around Virtues.

@Ultima5 Amiga main music tune composed by Kenneth Arnold. (.MOD format)

Warmly recommended.
Reviewed by Xerxes Rånby


Ultima V is getting converted from 2d gameplay to 3d using the dungeonsiege engine!

Oh and yes i have compleated the game, here is my proof! ;)
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Ultima Online

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